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Bronzed Reflex Film art. SOL 252

Minimum quantity per order: MQ. 5

Availability: various cuts:

1 cut of ML. 7,50 x H. 152 cm

2 cuts of ML. 5,50 x H. 152 cm

Technical information:

Composition: Polymer

Adhesive: Acrylic polymer 19 gr/mq

Colour: Metallic bronze

Thickness: 46 microns

Application: External

Rejected solar energy: 45%

Solar energy absorbed: 47%

Solar energy transmitted: 8%

Solar coverage: 23%

UV transmission: 1%

Installation temperature: + 5 ‍°C

Film height: 152 cm

SOL 252
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This film must be applied externally on the surface, and forms a bronze reflective shield that postpones 77% of solar energy equal to 480 watts/sqm/ hour.

SOL 252

Data sheet

Sun protection
Zone / Environment
Adhesive films for shop windows
Office window films
152 cm
For inside
PET 23 micron
10 Years

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