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Anti-UV adhesive Film art. UVA 151

Minimum quantity per order: MQ. 5

Availability: 2 rolls of ML. 30 x H. 152 cm

1 cut of ML. 23,80 x H. 152 cm

Technical information:

Support: PET 23 microns

Color: Grey - Light Blue

Application: Internal

Solar energy reflection: 9%

Total absorption: 16%

Solar transmission: 75%

Visible light transmission: 73%

Visible light reflection: 8%

Rejected solar energy: 20%

Transmission of U.V.: 1%

Adhesive: Acrylic Polymer 13 gr/mq.

Warranty: 10 years

Application temperature: min. + 5 ºC

Reaction to fire class: B-s1,d0

Film height: 152 cm

UVA 151

€12.20 MQ.

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Absorbs 99% of UVA

Our window film UVA 151 delays the damaging effect of the UV-A without having an impact on your room or window display luminosity. It reduces the greying caused by the sun radiations in art galleries, museums and store fronts in order not to damage objects, jewelry or delicate pieces of clothing.

UVA 151

Data sheet

Sun protection
Zone / Environment
Adhesive films for shop windows
Office window films
152 cm
For inside
PET 23 micron
10 Years

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