Our company

Acquamarina srl ​​markets products for interior and exterior furnishings and for safety.

The company was founded in 1988 from the transformation of the sole proprietorship Carletti Mario, still sole director.

The company's philosophy is to always offer high quality materials at affordable prices and our goal is to be able to expand trade beyond national borders.

In addition to private customers, Acquamarina has business customers such as banks, hospitals, theaters, municipalities, schools, museums and companies in various sectors.

Our headquarters consisting of a large showroom, offices and warehouses is located in Verona in via Basso Acquar 71 A.

The company has 3 websites, the main one www.acquamarina.vr.it - ​​www.prezzistock.com - acquamarina.it through which the company offers a wide range of products such as rubber floors, linoleum, laminates, wood , carpet, cork etc…, wall coverings and beautiful wallpapers.

Products and Services

We offer curtains and furnishing fabrics where we also offer the tailoring service.

We also offer a series of profiles, such as curtain rods, skirting boards of various kinds, wood, PVC, polyurethane, aluminum and steel, polyurethane friezes and frames.

One of the strengths of the company are the window films that we import directly, they are used to secure the glass against breakage, to reduce heat, for privacy and for furniture.

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